Dr's and Techs: Finish your appointment notes for boarding dogs the day of the appt.  That appointment time if possible!  You never know when a pet is leaving!! (EIB)


Lepto and Leukemia boosters may be done with a tech unless  it is a puppy or kitten or a doctor specific request that they see that patient again. Bordetella vaccinations may be given by a technician as long as the examination is current. 


When a boarder or groom is dropped off for an exam a "report card" is sent home with the patient to help the client understand what happened at the exam and what areas may need a follow up (dental recommendation, other issue) please make sure that we are calling the owner to give them a summary of this or if they can't be reached leave yourself a follow up to call in a day or two or see if they have any questions about the report card. The best way to fill these out is at the time of the appointment. Open up the report card and ask the doctor any questions you  need filled in. Do not try to wait until the doctor has written up their chart and then go back in and try to fill it in off of that - this method has been frustrating for both the tech and the doctor. Let's see if filling it out at the time of the appointment improves things. 


We will no longer do a post op exam for routine items unless the doctor performing the surgery requests one. The bottom of the surgery form will be modified so that you can check one box that says "no post operative exam is necessary. Please call immediately if you notice any redness, drainage, discharge, swelling or your pet appears uncomfortable" the other box will say "please return to our office in xx days for a post operative exam. Please call immediately if you notice any redness, drainage, discharge, swelling or your pet appears uncomfortable." If a patient has an issue that is directly related to the surgery performed here there will not be a charge for their post operative exam. 


Please label all prescriptions with either "no refills" or "refill until xx/xx/xx" This will help with clients calling to refill prescriptions. If it says it is okay to refill you do not need to get the doctor to approve it. If it says no refills or the refill date has passed you will need to get doctor approval. .