Added 3 Waivers in patient forms; Nexgard Waiver, Trifexis Waiver, and Trifexis Purchase Waiver.  Please utilize these in any of the instances needed.  Remember; these products have not been evaluated or to be used with caution in dogs that are breeding or have seizures. -EIB


When done making a note consult, go ahead and mark it completed so it doesn't leave open a draft.


Unsubscribe from emails anyone who wants text/phone call reminders.

Add both client's first names to the main contact list in addition to the secondary section.  
E.g. = Elishia & Chris Bouley; Chris  (EIB)


No need to print out paperwork for patients coming in for grooming/boarding that are also getting something done.  Hotel will do that.  Saves us time and extra paper.  If you are concerned that not everything is getting done correctly, you can go and just verify if they have all the paperwork needed.  If it is consistently not getting done correctly, inform Julie so she can inform her crew.  (EIB)


Don't forget to ALWAYS ask SRS when they get checked in for any Xrays to bring back to Dr. M


We are going to start a running list of the appointments we turn away or schedule on a different day so the technicians/doctors understand that we are not scheduling willy-nilly. Make a consult either under the current patient, or CYA, and make a callback to me stating me to check consult.


Made new Procedure templates for Prescriptions, Called in, Prescriptions, Written, and Prescriptions, Faxed in addition to the VetSource and Road Runner Templates. (EIB)

2/1/17 Master Copies

I have set aside a binder in the Comm room that has all the extra pamphlets, brochures, and flyers that we send with our kits in case you can't find it on my computer and need to make a quick copy.  Please learn where the brochures are on the computer to avoid awful copying looks.  Thanks!  EIB

2/1/17 New Kits

When making New puppy, kitten, adult, geriatric kits, please follow the sheets that are tacked directly next to the brochures on the wall.

Who gets a kit?:

-Every new patient and new client gets a kit. (This includes puppies, kittens, adults, and seniors.)
-Annuals that are over 7 years old and are a current patient get a Geriatric kit
-Annuals that are under 7 years and a current patient do NOT get a kit.

If you need help on how to put one together, please see me.  Do not "wing it."  Too many errors happen this way.  Thank you!!! - EIB

1/25/17 - Printing Confirmation/New Pet forms

Please check before printing that the Spouse fields are filled out correctly prior to printing so it will print on the form. - EIB

1/21/17 - Tech appt travel sheets

We are going to do the original travel sheet for tech appt vaccines only for now.  (This may change as different types of tech appts come up.)  Just scratch out the areas you don't use, as you do with a regular appt.  When a tech brings the pet back to treatment, they will ask if they need to pick up more HWP, Flea Prev, and food.  A greeter can then check the client out while the technician is taking care of P in the tx area.  This should help with time efficiency.  If you are finding issues with this, let me know and we will brainstorm a different way. - EIB

1/14/17 Care Credit Protocol

Since you are checking clients out, there may come a time where you have to use Care Credit.
Requirements to use Care Credit:

  1. Get Picture ID before running the Care Credit through.  We need 2 forms of ID in order to approve the Care Credit.  Ex: Picture ID & Care Credit Card/Credit Card
  2. If the cost is over $200, choose the 6 month program ONLY!
  3. Be sure to fill out all the spaces!  You are in charge of this, so remember to initial the form!

If you need a walk-through, see EIB, APB, DJI, CLM, JAH

New protocol for kits

There has been multiple kits being left in treatment or not given to a client at all, so from now on, it will be the greeter's responsibility to give the kit to the client when they are placed in the room. 

The technician will still need to give them a flea/hw sample if called for.

Room Assignment

Try to get big dogs in room 3; it's hard for the doc and tech to squeeze around a large dog in the small rooms.


Cat sedation grooms are only to be done on Mondays or Fridays.  Only do 1 per day.  Schedule the sedation time between 9 and 10a; (This may change based on answers from HJM)

Sending records via email

Do not change email on the client record anymore.  If you need to email someone, save the consultations as a PDF and email it through gmail.  Be sure to open all of the consultations before printing.

Rescue Groups

If a rescue foster calls to make an appointment, please inform them on the phone that they need to contact the head of the organization that they will be called on the day and time of their appt to verify charges.  If we cannot reach the head, we may need to reschedule the visit with the foster.

If a foster comes in for a rescue group; find out BEFORE putting the foster in the room if the foster is paying or the rescue group.  Inform the tech.


Please watch where you are scheduling appointments.  I've found multiple tech appointments on the dr side and dr appts on the tech side.

Also, tech appointments only need a 10 minute slot block-off.  Unless it is something like dremmeling or ear cleaning, 10 minutes is plenty of time.


If someone calls and has medical questions or if someone wants you to relay medical information to an owner, please remind them that you are not allowed to do so.  Only a technician or a doctor is allowed to relay medical information to an owner.  This will avoid questions that you do not know or understand and the relay game.  If no one is available to speak to at the moment, make a consult to the technician who was last on the case or to the doctor.  Do NOT try to wing it!


UPDATEs in bold

How to make a Patient Kit the night before their appointment:

  1. Make a consult under the patient that is getting a kit.
  2. Choose the "New Kits" template and Add Lines to Consult
  3. Delete the kit(s) you are not giving.
  4. Save consult as ready to pay.
  5. Go under Patient tab and choose Forms
  6. Choose Kit Label and print to a drug label
  7. Place label on bag, (Or folder if they are not getting sample food)
  8. Follow the list that is pinned to the wall on the Left Side of the brochure rack.
  9. Please pay attention to which brochure is appropriate for your pet!
    1. New Clients get a New Client card, but a New patient under an existing client does NOT get a New Client Card.
    2. A New Adult Patient under an existing client may get a folder and brochures, but not a new client card
    3. An Adult does NOT get sample food (Give the Adult Cat food samples away until there are none.)
    4. A yearly exam on an existing patient gets a Geriatric Kit if the pet just turned 7 years old.
  10. After getting the kit together, bring it up front and place on the first shelf in pharmacy
  11. The Greeter is responsible for giving the chart AND the kit to the technician.
  12. It is then the technicians responsibility to give the kit to the owner.

If you need to re-order or re-print; please see EIB
If you are still confused, PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE see EIB.

Merging Pets


I have found that in NEO, they duplicate every consult and reminder in the merged pet's record.  Please try to avoid merging a patient altogether by checking to see if the patient is already in the system.

I would rather move a patient to a client than have 2 patients that have the same or similar info.  If you need to make a new patient that is already in our system under a new client, PLEASE just move the patient to the new client instead of making another patient record for the SAME pet.

Boarding/Grooming Appointments

Any boarder/groom that is scheduled for an appt needs to be put on the board in the appt slot instead of the small areas.  A hotel attendant is going to bring one of the pets up and you will put them in a room as if they are a client.
Then, take the chart and give it to a tech to be seen.  WATCH to see if a technician has already started this and give the chart to them!

Confirmation Forms

Greeters - PLEASE be certain to enter EVERY note and information that is on the confirmation, new client, new patient, gets in the computer!  I have seen multiple cases where this is not happening.

You do NOT need to scan the travel sheets!


If a client calls to cancel their appointment please ask them why they canceled and put a note in the computer for Peyton & Dr. Montgomery. There is a huge number of reasons a client may cancel: going elsewhere, pet deceased, client incorrectly thinking rehab will fix their dog's torn cruciate, scheduling difficulties and so forth. Some of these cancellations may need a follow up phone call from Dr. Montgomery or Peyton so it would be super helpful if you noted the reason. Thank you!


Surgical MTPs – it has improved, but there are still mornings when there are no MTPs made for the scheduled surgeries. This leaves the client waiting while the case is researched by the sx tech and an MTP is created to the best of their knowledge from the notes (how many extractions?). The sx techs do review the history on sx cases for the AM and look for MTPs, but when the client also arrives at 7:30am….


It can also result in missed additional treatments to be done that were mentioned at the time of the appt by the owner or DVM (vaccines, ablating small mass with dental, etc).


MTPs should be made and reviewed with the client at the time surgery is recommended. (for OVH/neuter this is generally at final puppy/kitten boosters).

The technician & Dr in the appt have the best knowledge of everything needed.

This results in the best information for owners over treatments to be performed, expected costs, etc. and speeds up their check-in time on the morning of surgery. When an appointment is made for surgery, please confirm that a MTP has been made.

  • If so – please note on appt that MTP is made
  • If not and the surgery is not immediate (ie next day):
    • Put a callback for the technician associated with the appointment when the surgery was recommended (& note this on appt)
    • That technician should create MTP and call/review with client as indicated then note on appt that MTP is made/reviewed. If not and the surgery is immediate & tech is not present – please inform sx tech if present and leave note on appt that MTP still needs to be made.

When confirming an appointment, please also confirm MTP has been made – there should be an updated note on appt if above was done; if not – proceed as above.

Sx techs to review upcoming cases the day before when possible to also ensure MTPs are completed (obviously if sx was scheduled on sat for the following Tues and no sx tech works sat or mon…)


  • We need to start pushing food again.  Remind owners at check out if they need to pick up food just like if they need hw/flea prev.
  • The front looks AMAZING!  Keep up the great work!  I love the lights and decor!
  • Anything dealing with rescues or vetdogs, even if the foster folks pay, need to be deferred to EIB or if I am not here, get a phone number for me to call them to get payment.
  • If a pet has been adopted from a rescue, it no longer can get the rescue discounts.  Just make a new client (if not in system already), and move the pet from the rescue to the new client. Please don't make a new pet under the new client and try to merge the two pets together.  It gets too confusing, Thanks!
  • We are going to start putting the reason why a pet is coming in on the travel sheets so that if we have a internet outage, the tech can still see why coming in.  Thank you Cindy and Daniel for always putting the info on there to begin with! ;)
  • I have made a few forms that techs will use, but if you want to know about them, please come see me as it is hard to explain. 
    • Glucose Curve Sheet
    • Insulin Instruction for Boarding.
  • Cindy will be moving to phones soon, so please keep a lookout for another awesome greeter like Daniel!
  • Great job on the sign Cindy!