5/10/17 - Holiday boarding

If the Hospital is closed for a holiday we will not be having drop offs or pick ups on that day. We will stay fully staffed for hotel attendants but the doors will remain closed so that we do not have to also have a concierge on that day. We WILL have a concierge on this upcoming memorial day because we already committed to it with several clients but we WILL NOT after that. 

Memorial day - We have 2 attendants scheduled from Friday night that holiday weekend until Tuesday morning. If for some reason we do not fill up for the holiday like we anticipate then the 2 attendants that are on can either split the shift and each work 1/2 of it or if one person wants it more they can have it. It will be up to the 2 attendants that are on to decide that. Remember if you work a holiday you get paid time and a half for the time that you work. 


Please make sure that we are sending clients photos and postcards daily! Also please make sure that clients have the camera app installed and working on their device before they leave the building - just do it for them! It saves so much headache later on!

1/21/17 Entering prev hx and new client information

See Julie or Elishia on how to enter information in NEO correctly!  (See pics below)

1/14/17 Care Credit Protocol

Since you are checking clients out, there may come a time where you have to use Care Credit.
Please see EIB if you do not have this installed on your computer and I will update it for you!
Requirements to use Care Credit:

  1. Get Picture ID before running the Care Credit through.  We need 2 forms of ID in order to approve the Care Credit.  Ex: Picture ID & Care Credit Card/Credit Card
  2. If the cost is over $200, choose the 6 month program ONLY!
  3. Be sure to fill out all the spaces!  You are in charge of this, so remember to initial the form!

If you need a walk-through, see EIB, APB, DJI, CLM, JAH

Scanning Records

When you are scanning files, please verify that what you are scanning is actually updated in Neo and kennel booker.  For example: Vaccine history is brought by a client.  Go ahead and make the reminders in Neo and KB (When they are due, not when they were done).  THEN, scan.

Spa Credits

Please don't forget to ask people that are staying 7 days or more that they qualify for a $20 credit toward groom/bath; do they want to partake?  If they say yes, make their appointment and when you go to put in their boarding charges, go ahead and put their $20 credit in at the same time.  For every 7 days, they get $20, so if they stay 14 days, they get $40!


We are going to do a new thing; we want a hotel attendant to come up to reception when the boarding or grooming pet is due for their appointment on the schedule.   You will then be escorted into a room by the Hospital Greeter. This way, it does not get bumped.  It will be YOUR responsibility to find out what time "your" appointment is.  

Preparing charts for next day

I have seen a few cases where the grooming or boarder that is coming in and is also getting things done like vaccines, etc, have not been getting the Travel sheet made ahead of time.  Please see JAH if you do not remember how to do this!

Get Weights!

Please make sure to get a weight on every patient that is coming in the door and make sure to put it in Neo as well. If a hotel patient has a medical emergency a doctor needs to very quickly know the patients weight so they can administer medications. Time may be critical in these cases and just guessing on a weight will not be the best thing for the patient!

Closing at the end of the day

if the drawer is over or under it is important to find out why and correct it! If you cannot find out why please put the overage in an envelope with a note and the date on it and put it in the safe. If the drawer is short the person responsible for making up the difference is the one that made the incorrect change (this is why it is important to count your drawer before your shift starts!)

Grooming Appointments

Holly M. will be writing up a protocol about how she wants her grooming appointments handled - it will go here as soon as I have it. For now keep in mind that grooming appointments will go in Neo only. 

Answering the phone

When answering the phone please make sure you are smiling! Even if a caller can not see you they can still hear it in your voice! Try answering with a welcoming phrase such as "Thank you for calling the Davis Pet Hotel & Spa. How may I help you?" or "It's a great day at the Davis Pet Hotel & Spa! How may I help you?" Simply answering "Davis Pet Hotel & Spa" is NOT acceptable. This is not a welcoming way to answer the phone!

co-boarders that fight...

There is an additional line that has been added to our waiver that explains to owners how we handle dogs that board together and what we do if they fight. If family boarders need to be separated because of fighting while here the owner is responsible for paying the additional fee and any medical fees associated with their fighting. They do NOT continue getting the additional pet discount because they are no longer sharing the same space. We do not recommend that they board together in the future - however - if an owner insists that they board together at a future visit we will allow them to try again. We WILL separate dogs for the remainder of their visit if they fight (even if an owner tells us they want them kept together after a fight) this is hospital policy and not something that the client has a right to override.