1/21/17 - SRS Emails

If you come across an SRS client and see their email listed, please remove the email from the email section and save it to the client note section!!!  We do not want SRS clients getting email reminders for vaccines!!!!

Thank you - EIB

Surgery Discharges

When SRS checks in for surgery, it is up to the technician to schedule the next day's discharge time.

Lab Results

When Dr. Montgomery goes over any type of lab result or biopsy it is important to document that it was relayed. Thank you!

SRS Cancellations

If a client calls to cancel their appointment please ask them why they canceled and put a note in the computer for Peyton & Dr. Montgomery. There is a huge number of reasons a client may cancel: going elsewhere, pet deceased, client incorrectly thinking rehab will fix their dog's torn cruciate, scheduling difficulties and so forth. Some of these cancellations may need a follow up phone call from Dr. Montgomery or Peyton so it would be super helpful if you noted the reason. Thank you!


  • Working on a client/clinic packet
  • Working on a fax flyer