Please give O the Homeagain orange paper slip prior to sx to fill out microchip info before picking up P.  When they come in, and if not completed when they pick up, have them do it online at the clinic before they leave! (EIB)

1/21/17 - Dental Charting Forms

Two new patient forms in NEO; Dental Chart (Canine) and Feline.  You can type the vet and tech scribe in the form prior to printing.

Surgery Forms

Watch that you don't go into auto-pilot mode!  If a patient's blood work has been done recently, they do not need to have it done before surgery.  Double check MTPs to make sure it is not on there and that the Anes release form has been maked "done."

Home Care Forms

Updated home care forms; you should see a file attached to spay, neuter, dental, and bandage charge to print from the charge screen.


Surgical MTPs – it has improved, but there are still mornings when there are no MTPs made for the scheduled surgeries. This leaves the client waiting while the case is researched by the sx tech and an MTP is created to the best of their knowledge from the notes (how many extractions?). The sx techs do review the history on sx cases for the AM and look for MTPs, but when the client also arrives at 7:30am….


It can also result in missed additional treatments to be done that were mentioned at the time of the appt by the owner or DVM (vaccines, ablating small mass with dental, etc).


MTPs should be made and reviewed with the client at the time surgery is recommended. (for OVH/neuter this is generally at final puppy/kitten boosters).

The technician & Dr in the appt have the best knowledge of everything needed.

This results in the best information for owners over treatments to be performed, expected costs, etc. and speeds up their check-in time on the morning of surgery. When an appointment is made for surgery, please confirm that a MTP has been made.

  • If so – please note on appt that MTP is made
  • If not and the surgery is not immediate (ie next day):
    • Put a callback for the technician associated with the appointment when the surgery was recommended (& note this on appt)
    • That technician should create MTP and call/review with client as indicated then note on appt that MTP is made/reviewed. If not and the surgery is immediate & tech is not present – please inform sx tech if present and leave note on appt that MTP still needs to be made.

When confirming an appointment, please also confirm MTP has been made – there should be an updated note on appt if above was done; if not – proceed as above.

Sx techs to review upcoming cases the day before when possible to also ensure MTPs are completed (obviously if sx was scheduled on sat for the following Tues and no sx tech works sat or mon…)


I made a new Microchip registration form: www.davispetvet.com/homeagain