Click to learn more about Southbark's microchip event

Please note that we are not personally doing this event. Southbark will be using the hotel space to host this event. Southbark will bring their own volunteers to do all of the paperwork and handle the clients coming in. We will be providing a space and a technician to implant the microchips. Southbark generally has 50-120 dogs show up for this type of event. The hospital side will be operating like usual. Clients will pay Southbark directly. This is a great way for us to gain exposure to more people in our community and help out a great rescue!

5/10/17 NEW PRODUCTs

We have some new products in house! Please familiarize yourself with them so you will be ready to answer client questions. Remember that galliprant and cytopoint are prescription products so they would need to be prescribed by a doctor but you can still educate yourself so that you can help answer questions and know how they are used. Just click on the word below to learn more!

1. Galliprant

2. Advantus (transitioning to this product from capstar, we will still have capstar for cats)

3. Cytopoint

4. Likshield

5. Stoplik



Sunday June 4th at Noon @ The Lange's (Mom & Dad's house). 7223 Bayshore Drive in Milton. This will be a luau themed party so break out your coconuts and grass skirts. We will be having teriyaki mystery meat on the grill and lots of other yummy stuff too (and veggie's for Melissa). There is a pool and your family is invited too! Rain or shine. The activities will be questionable so leave your inhibitions at the door. It's going to be awesome : ) Please RSVP to the facebook group invite so we can do a head count for food!


There is a new way for carecredit card holders to pay over the phone! The carecredit card holder just needs to go to www.paymyprovider.com and follow the prompts to locate our practice and pay via the web. Carecredit then sends us an e-mail confirming their payment and it shows up on our carecredit portal and reports just like any other transaction. yay! (APB)


When quoting a house-call euthanasia, please research the distance between them and us to make sure they fall within the 20 minute drive.  If they are over 20 minutes - via mapquest driving directions, they get charged 2 house-calls (1 house call fee per 20 minutes of driving in 1 direction).  (EIB)


-Toner!  When the toner is screaming that it is empty, reset the printer so it can accept ALL of the toner before you change it.
-Do not put used toner boxes back up top with the full ones.  Put them on the floor in front of MKB's locker.  
-There are thank you cards in the break room.  Whoever receives a gift/snack/meal from a client, PLEASE start a card with their name and what they gave us!  Example: "Thank you Mr. Dobbs for the pizza! ~Davis Animal Hospital."  Then, mail the card or give the card to EIB to mail.


-If you see an asterisks in the "Title" section of a client, it means they are strictly an SRS client.  If you see an SRS client without the asterisks, please update the file.  Thanks! 

-For those that are calling the next day appointments, please try and do what the O requested for reminders; example - Mr. Smith wants text reminders, we text him and then indicate that we sent a text. reminding him of his upcoming appointment.  Same with email.  If you do NOT see a reminder preference, call.

-Please remember to indicate breed and weight on ALL surgery and groom patients.

-Please remember to use the Dental Evaluation Exam for the 6 mo rechecks.

-If scheduling online, please go ahead and book the appt; that way if they contact back stating they can make it, we don't have to turn around and tell them a different time because the appt was booked in the meantime.  Mark the appointment as Tentative.  When they contact back stating they can take that time, remove the "Tentative" note.

-Again..please check for names in the computer before assuming not in there to avoid duplicates.  Seeing a lot of these still.

-Remember to call SRS and groom appointments the night before in addition to the regular appts.

-Remember to make up all forms including anesthesia, drop off, travel, etc.

-If we get ANY paperwork from a referral vet, or VERC that our patient has been seen by them, we NEED to inform OUR vet that it happened! 

-Don't forget to date stamp appointments.

-Emails have been sent without a sign-off name!  Please be sure to use proper grammar and spelling when sending emails...

-NexGard/Trifexis/Comfortis - Are we asking about breeding status and seizures??  These medications have not been approved in breeding or seizure dogs.


What do we say about Dr. Ruby leaving?

If a client asks to schedule an appointment or surgery with Dr. Ruby after April 15th


Caller: I'd like to schedule Fifi to see Dr. Ruby next Tuesday. She has a terrible rash.

DAH: We would be happy to get Fifi in to be seen next Tuesday. Dr. Ruby, however, has recently moved to Jacksonville to open a practice with his wife, who is also a veterinarian, and their new baby. While we certainly miss him we wish them all the best in this exciting new chapter in their lives. Rest assured that Fifi is still in great hands with Dr. Ashley and all of Fifi's records are here as well. Would a 2pm appointment work well for you on Tuesday?

Caller: That sounds lovely. I'll see you then.

What to do if....

The caller is super upset that they can't see Dr. Ruby and mentions just trying elsewhere:

“While I understand that you are upset that Dr. Ruby has left I would really like to encourage you to try Dr. Ashley. Any veterinarian that Fifi sees at this point will be a new veterinarian to her and I assure you that Dr. Ashley is one of the best. How about I setup a time for you to just stop by and do a meet and greet with her at no charge?”

The client brings up any doubt in our facility because Dr. Henley left and now Dr. Ruby left:

“While I understand that may seem troubling to you I can assure you that they are not related. Dr. Henley did not quit our practice she was dismissed. Dr. Ruby is opening up a practice together with his wife several hours away and left on great terms. Davis Animal Hospital is still a wonderful place you can trust to take excellent care of your pets.”


  • If there is personal information on a form please shred it when you are done. We had a (valid) complaint that a client was able to see another client's information when they flipped the page over.


  • We are removing the "unscheduled/late exam" fee. It has done nothing but cause a ton of complaints from clients who feel we are just being petty. A client complained that we weren't discounting her exam when we were late and she waited for us. Another client asked why we had the fee and when we explained the disruption to our schedule and the shortened exam time for the other client she asked if the extra fee on her got that client a discounted exam. A search on VHMA (hospital manager group) shows that it is a quick path to pissed clients. I think that what we need to do to battle the late or work in client is to be better at screening who we can work in and who we can't. It is not something we can put a black and white rule on. For example: If a client is 15 minutes late and we have an open schedule and can see her then it does not make sense to ask her to reschedule as a client will often go elsewhere as a walk in. If a client is 15 minutes late and we already have 2 work ins and it is going to put us significantly behind (and it is not an emergency issue) then we need to ask the client to come back later in the day or on another day when we are able to accommodate them better. 


If you are looking for an Animal Allies pet and can't find them, look under AAFL.  Cindra Anderson, Lisa Abdallah, Janet Lewis, and Holly Bartlett are Fosters that have their own account because they pay for the services.  Sharyn Berg uses the main Animal Allies account, but hasn't been back to see us in a while, so unless it is Sharyn Berg calling for the appointment, it's probably one of the previously listed people. (EIB)

03/01/17 by APB:

I want to let you all know about a conversation that I had with a client today. I had sent him an e-mail after he had asked for his records to be transferred because he was taking his pet elsewhere. He called me back and we had a very honest discussion about his visits with us. 

This owner has 2 dogs and here were his primary concerns:

  • Was told by the technician that we strongly recommend that he get his dog neutered (his dog was already neutered, he had given us the dogs previous history and no testicles were present on the dog we had just examined).
  • We called and reminded him of his appointment he had scheduled with dog A but said dog B's name.
  • We asked him every single visit if his dogs were on heartworm prevention. When he said yes we then asked him if he knew what kind. His concern was why didn't we know his dogs were on heartworm prevention when he comes here every month to get it and why would we ask him if he knows what kind when it should be in our medical history?
  • When the client expressed concern about the constant staff confusion on his last visit his technician told him that they would see if they could get somebody in the room to talk to him about it and then forgot all about it and nobody came in to talk to him.
  • When the owner called and canceled his appointment due to all of this we made a note that his appointment was canceled under a consultation but never actually removed it from the schedule so we called again to remind him of the appointment he had that he had canceled!
  • When the owner got a copy of his records there were several things that seemed conflicting. It stated yes/no on some items (tech didn't fix the pre-fill) and it said not on heartworm prevention when we had dispensed it the previous visit for the puppy. 
  • This owner mentioned that he left Banfield due to corporate feel and that what he was looking for in a new vet was that personal touch. He felt that he was not treated that way and was surprised that I cared enough to reach out to him when he said he was leaving. 

Please – I know we can do better than this!

The client is our livelihood. We would not be here if it was not for them. Please let's act like it. Make sure you take a moment to review your chart when you go into a room, know your patient's name and medical history. Don't ask questions if you know the answer – phrase it “I see that you've been picking up Heartgard every month for Fluffy's heartworm prevention – any issues with it?” or something similar to show that you know what is going on!

Make a connection with the client. They are not just another checkbox on our list. Go the extra mile to make them see that you care for them and their pet. We have had 37 clients ask for their records in the last 4 months for a reason other than moving. We need to do our best to keep client retention and satisfaction high. I know we feel the need to vent about clients sometimes (and there are those that can be especially challenging) but this is our job! There has been a lot of complaining about clients lately and I want us all to take a minute the next time that we go to complain about a client and realize that they are the ones keeping our doors open! 


Dremeling is now $10


REALLY need to pay attention to time!  April says overtime is getting bad and there is no cause for it.  IF you are done with EVERYTHING you are supposed to do, go home.  Do not loiter in the breakroom or in the hotel lobby on the clock.


If an SRS calls, ask if the call is about a broken bone instead of a fracture because clients don't know what a fracture is apparently.


Log out of NEO and When I Work when you step away!


When checking the main hospital gmail, if you are completed with it, move it to Dealt With.  If you leave it in the inbox, I'll assume you are not done with it.  If you are not sure, leave it and I will look at it.  (EIB)


If someone calls for SRS; ask if they have a "Broken bone" versus a Fracture, because apparently they don't know what a Fracture is...  ALSO, any true fracture needs to be handled immediately by someone on the SRS team or April!


For Groupon exams that are late/unscheduled/emergency - Still charge the EXTRA amount of money it would cost above the $40 exam.


Please remember to always check for a client before entering in as new!  Even if they say they've "never" been here, doesn't mean they haven't come in for a product or filled out an online form and then canceled appt. (EIB)


Appointment Times:

New Puppy/Kitten 1st visit = 40min

True ADR (X-rays, b/w or sedation needed) = 40min

Health Certificate = 40min (can be less if we get RV cert info as well as destination address ahead of time!)

Ears = 30min

Skin = 30min

Eyes = 30min

New client general exam or annual = 30min

Recheck = 20min

Boosters = 20min

Annual = 20min


If emailing an invoice to the O, please check and see that they have an email address listed. (EIB)


If a P is deceased, check to see if they have future appts; NEO does not automatically remove them and you cannot tell from the appointment scheduler if they are deceased or not. (EIB)


If you see that a client prefers text or phone call reminders, go ahead and "unsubscribe" them from emails. Check the box under the email section in the Client Info section and save. (EIB)


If changing a name, first, last, or pet, please make an alert stating the previous name for future information. (EIB)


As of today, Pet Assure has been canceled because the company did not uphold their end of the deal.  If a client has made an appt PRIOR to today's date, we will honor the Pet Assure discount, but the must be informed that we will not be accepting it from this point on.  You are welcome to state the reason why. 

1/31/17 UPDATE on individual product sales

According to APB and the docs, we do not need to send out packaging information.  HOWEVER...if you feel like a client is an "O Watch" individual, feel free to send as MUCH info as you want! - EIB

1/25/17 Secondary Contact

1/21/17  SRS EMAIL

If you come across an SRS client and see their email listed, please remove the email from the email section and save it to the client note section!!!  We do not want SRS clients getting email reminders for vaccines!!!!

Thank you - EIB

1/21/17 - Watch Reminder side when making an appt

Whenever you are making an appt, the reminders and other pet's appts/reminders also come up for you to glance at.  There are the alerts as well indicating which Dr., how much time, etc.  Please be mindful of these reminders whenever you make an appt because you may see that another pet is due/overdue, or an alert stating they do or do not want to see a certain tech/dr.  

This appt was made for one pet and I am uncertain if they were informed that Johnnie is also overdue.  No appt was made for client.

Just something to be aware of!

1/21/17  Email

If you have responded, entered information, or just plain done with an email, please move it from the inbox to the "Dealt With" folders...  I have contacted multiple people and they have indicated that they were already dealt with, thus, making us look like we are not communicating with each other well.  SO, copy the email into their chart (when appropriate), respond or deal with, and mark the gmail as completed and place in a dealt with folder.  Thanks! - EIB

1/21/17 Sedated Grooms

Sedation grooms are only to be done on Mondays or Fridays.  Only do 1 per day.  Schedule the sedation time between 9 and 10a.

1/14/17 6 month Dental exam update

It has been decided that the 6 month Dental exam will be a $25 Medical Progress Exam with the Doc and counts as an exam.  If the client tells a tech in the room that there is something else going on that requires a Office Exam charge, we will update the exam to an Office Exam. - EIB

1/14/17 Canceling/Rescheduling appts

When rescheduling appts; please copy instead of cut; so we have an indication in the "No Show" column  that they rescheduled.  Also, if they cancel; state why they canceled. - EIB/DJI

1/14/17 Scheduling Surgeries and Grooms

Please indicate breed and weight on Surgery appts; Breed on grooms

1/13/17 How to do an Online Script

Visit one of these three locations:
Dr. Ruby's Computer
Elishia's Computer
Reception 2 Computer


Click on the Pill Icon shown to the right >>

Type the client/patient you are looking for.  If they do not show, you may have to add as new.

Enter the Prescription you want to do

Choose the appropriate medication and mg.

Make sure the appropriate quantity is chosen and the label is written correctly.

Make sure Auto-Ship Enabled is not checked!

Choose Veterinarian approving script

Choose Team Member.  (If you do NOT see your name listed, please get one of the team member's permission to use their name!)

Add to Cart


If you need to price match, let EIB know

Call client and check out; they will not be charged until Dr. approves script.

Save copy of receipt in patient files.

IF DOING A HEARTGARD PROMO; Print a copy of the receipt and staple the coupon on it to give to Shaunte.

In Neo, make a consultation.  Choose the template: Vetsource Presctiptions
Follow instructions.

1/13/17 Individual Preventative Sales

Technically, every product that leaves our clinic needs to have a product information sheet.  We have a TON of Adv Multi ones, please use them up...  I will verify with APB if we need to start doing this with all medications, including antibiotics, pain meds, etc.

1/13/17 Food Returns

Per Mike with Hills: If a client brings back a can of food, keep the can the driver will need to pick the single can to return.  They can get 100% refund on ALL food.

1/13/17 Refill Meds

To fix the label, all of the Refill doctors are listed as:  Refill - Dr. Name.


Do not offer Groupon to anyone!  This is an advertisement to get new clients in; it is not to be offered to someone who is in our clinic going through financial trouble.


We do not accept American Express; we will not be accepting them in the immediate future.

Lost and Found pets

There are two pets named "Lost Pets" and "Found Pets" under Davis Animal Hospital.
Please follow the prompts and document any lost or found pets that come to you.  You can also scan through and see if any of the pets have been documented already for anyone calling.

Online Scripts

We don't approve online scripts.  We do have an online pharmacy, but APB would prefer if we can price match and send products from our facility because we have more control over what is listed and limit mistakes that other pharmacies make.

Refunding products

If you need to refund a product, please do so in the "Refund" screen.  If you are simultaneously selling a product, you have to open a new consult.



Personal cards

If a client tells you that someone in the family died, or sick, or had a birthday, or any event, please put a callback in EIB's box so she can send a card.

Gifts to US

If ANYONE brings in a gift to us, card, treat, food, ANYTHING...please take a nice picture of the item (preferably with you enjoying it) and email it to davisanimalhospital@gmail.com with who sent it in the subject line.  Take two seconds and grab an iPad to take the photo and email it.  The picture will then be posted on Facebook as a public thank you.


We are no longer all signing euthanasia cards. The technician on the case is to grab a euthanasia card (if none provided) and the technician and doctor are to sign it that day.  It is to be then sealed and brought up to the front to mail.

If a pet is getting euth due to aggression, they need to have not bitten anyone or any other pet in the last 10 days

Topical Prevention Protocols

Advantage Multi and Frontline can be applied as soon as a patient is dry.  There is no need to wait 2 days to apply.  This is according to the manufacturer's instruction.

6 Month Dental Exams

For 6 month Dental Evaluation Exams, ($18) this is a brief oral exam only. The 6 mo Dental exams are only a recheck after a dental has been performed. 
10-20 minute appt on Dr. side. And this does NOT replace the yearly office exam!


2017 is here!

This means we can't go back and change anything in 2016 - this includes Neo! Please do not alter, change, remove, edit or anything else to any item in 2016 in Neo. If you delete consultations, change prices or otherwise alter things it creates problems with taxes and quickbooks and all that jazz. If you need to change something please just create a new consult for 2017 and change it. Example: You created a consult for a 12 pack of heartgard in 2016 and the client never came to pick it up - you want to just delete it right? WRONG - please create a new consult and return the item stating that it was never picked up and then post both invoices and the account will be negative. Example: consult created in December for a long term boarder - if the client comes to pick up and wants to buy food do you add it to that December consult......nope! Just make a new one and check them out for both. Cool - thanks!

*Also - you should have received you 2016 W-2 form by now. If you haven't see me. Thanks. APB


If the phones go down

If the phones go down (one line or some lines or all lines) please first try resetting the phone modem. These are located in the comm. room that is to the left of the hotel entrance. When you open the door you will see a lot of electronics on your right (photo one). Locate the phone modems on the lower left side (photo 2) and reset the modem by placing a paper clip into the small button located above the yellow square port on the back of the modem (photo 3). If you do not know which one to reset (when only 1 or 2 lines are not working) look for the one with less lights on. When you reset the modem it will turn off and then one green light will turn back on. It will flash orange and take about 4 minutes to reboot. 

If the lines come back on - great! give yourself a high five!

If the lines do not come back on call 850-478-1269 and follow the prompts for business support then technical support. They will ask you for a 4 digit password to continue. The password is 3612. 

Vomit/Blowouts/The Plague

If you vomit while at work or are too ill to work please GO HOME. You do not have to even ask April - just let the nearest person know to inform the rest of the team and head towards the nearest exit. Pretend it's a fire drill and just go. Don't spend time in the building telling everyone you are ill because nobody wants what you have. This is the only time in your life that it is okay not to share. Do not try to be a hero by continuing to work, you are not doing anybody any favors, just bounce! 

Metal Animals in the garden

The animals in this garden were designed by the Pensacola State College Visual Arts Sculpture Students

For a donation clients may adopt one and take it home!

100% of the funds donated will go back to the students learning sculpture at PSC. Thank you for keeping art alive!

$25 – small sculpture (frog, penguin)

$50 – medium sculpture (turtles, owl, dream catcher)

$75 – Large sculpture (cat, dog)

*Large dog by the door is not for sale

Cash or checks made payable to: Pensacola State College Visual Arts Department

Please collect in an envelope and put in the safe. Thanks!

Rebates & Coupons Jan 1st

2017 Coupon Offers


  • Buy 6 Heartgard & 6 Nexgard = $15 rebate

  • Buy 12 Heartgard & 6 Nexgard = $25 rebate

  • Buy 12 Heartgard & 12 Nexgard = $50 rebate

  • Buy 12 Heartgard = $12 rebate

  • Free Trial Nexgard

Frontline Gold

  • Buy 3 get 1 free

  • Buy 6 get 2 free (up to $38 value)


  • $15 toward Seresto Collar

  • Buy 6 Adv. Multi & 1 Seresto =$60 rebate

Time Card or Payroll Notes

Before running payroll I always check my follow ups and the time card notes that are left when someone is clocking out. If you need to leave me a note about a paycheck deduction, using PTO, or have another issue related to payroll please put a follow up in or use the time clock note feature. A sticky on my desk is not a guarantee that I will see it. Thank you!

Communication Page

Please know that this page was not designed to increase anyone's anxiety or worry but just a means to keep us all on the same page! I realize that randomly saying "just check it twice a week" doesn't work well if a policy changes and someone may not read it for a few days and different staff members may be on a different page. So here's the deal - we will have a DH meeting most Friday's. I will post up the update at some point between Friday and Sunday. On Monday (or whatever day you work first that week) log on and read your area before you start work. New policies or protocols will take effect starting on the Monday following the post. This way nobody needs to worry that they are missing out on something. Until it is posted here you are not expected to know it. If you hear a DH talking about something we discussed at a meeting it does not mean you are responsible to know it until it has been posted for everyone. Sometimes we need more time to tweak or discuss things and it will not be instantly posted on Friday afternoon. 

Cliff Notes: Check your area's communication before your 1st shift of the week and you'll be alright. 


New Policy – Phones stay in your locker while you are on the clock. You can pull todoist up on the desktop computers. We've tried to stay flexible with this but too many people are spending too much time on their phones during working hours. If someone has an emergency and needs to reach you they can always call the hospital directly.  


If there is a day when the schedule is light (low number of hotel guests, appointments or surgeries) please do your best to stay busy. If you do not want to do projects or cleaning then please ask your supervisor if you can leave early. Todoist is up and running and everyone should be able to view what items need to be completed. Everyone has been added as a collaborator and this means that you can add or modify lists as needed. If you would like a 2 minute crash course in how to quickly and easily add recurring or one time items please see April. 


Our Christmas Party is set for Friday December 23rd at 6:30pm
Rodizio Grill on 605 East Gregory Street in Pensacola. 

  • This will be a kid free party.
  • This party will be limited to staff and their significant other only. 
  • Open bar and all the delicious food you could eat : ) Please remember to plan a sober ride home from the party if you plan to consume alcohol. 
  • The party theme is roaring 20's! Great Gatsby! Flappers! Please dress accordingly and have fun with it! Google search outfit ideas if you're not sure. 
  • We will be doing a dirty santa yankee swap again this year. The rules are to bring a wrapped and unmarked gift valued at $15 to exchange during the game. Any and all items may be given as gifts (historically it has been alcohol and bedroom items so....). 
  • Looking forward to another awesome Christmas Party!!!
  • P.S. We will NOT be open the day following the party, on Christmas Eve, for medical appointments. The hotel will be open until 2pm.