Who are we?

From exams to surgery to boarding and more, we care for your pet as a member of our family.  We are "YOUR other family doctor," for good reason!
We also do many community events and charities in our area and are involved with local pet rescues and Military Veteran programs such as the America's VetDogs and the Blackwater Correctional Facility's Prison Puppy Program.

Basically...we are your neighbors, friends, and relatives...and we have your pet's well-being in mind.


In the field since: 2003

Owned by: 3 dogs, Molly the old beagle, Gracie the 3 legged wonder, and Soldier a huge wild thing found roaming the woods.

What I love most about what I do: I love educating people on the importance of preventative medicine, so much of the heartache we see could have been prevented! I like working with people in challenging situations to find the best resolution. I've got a soft spot for the big dogs. I also love working with dogs that may be scared or act aggressive when coming to the vet's office - with the right handling it is rewarding to watch them learn to trust us. 

Who I am when I'm not at Davis Animal Hospital: a New Hampshire native, a fun-loving wife and mom to two little kids. I love riding horses, goofing off and spending time with my family. Together we enjoy the outdoors and traveling to find new adventures. We love our church, the beach, watersports, hiking and spending time visiting with our widespread family. I'm an avid fitness geek and passionate about our Davis Fitness Challenge we sponsor for our staff!

You would be surprised to know that: I am more afraid of an aggressive kitten than a 180 pound snarling Rottweiler! 

 April with her husband Nathan, son JD, and daughter Marilyn, enjoying beautiful Pensacola Beach. 

April with her husband Nathan, son JD, and daughter Marilyn, enjoying beautiful Pensacola Beach.