Sometimes the smallest things take up the most room in your heart. ~ A.A. Milne

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Our Condolences...

"Buf-fee you are and always will be my heart, my buddy, my love and pain in my butt. You greeted me like no licked the tears off my face. In sickness you made me smile. OMG you had the kindness heart, you are my heart and alway will be. Kisses and Hugs everyday goes up the the joy of my life." ~S. Osborn

"They have left our lives but will never leave our hearts!  Keno you were one of my favorite hello's and my hardest goodbyes!  Home isn't the same without you laying in door blocking it waiting for us come home!  You were the biggest of my babies but can say you were the best gentle giant!!  Love you miss you  -Angie"

"You were a good pup.  We will miss you." ~A. Shotwell

""Sorry to hear the sad news.  Take care." ~M. Edwards

"My thoughts and prayers are with you during this difficult time. ~A. Ball"

"My heart breaks for you, dear friend... ~E. Bouley"