Learning About The Basic Animal Dermatology Services In Pensacola Provided At Davis Animal Hospital


Davis Animal Hospital believes that the comfort and health of your animal companion is a top priority. The hospital strives to establish a long relationship with their clients as they assist them to better the quality and lifespan of their pet. Have you noticed your pet chewing, biting, licking or scratching at itself? If so, then it’s time to go for Basic Animal Dermatology tests and treatment. Dry, red or flaky skin are also signs of a skin problem. Common conditions may be a result of bacterial infections, allergies, autoimmune/immune-mediated skin infections, parasites, fungal infection or hypersensitivities. Animal dermatology services provided at Davis Animal Hospital include:

Animal Allergy Testing:

Intradermal allergy testing (IDT) is considered to be the gold standard when it comes to determining the environmental allergens triggering an allergic reaction from your pet. Also known as allergy skin testing, it’s very reliable and is, in fact, similar to allergy tests done in human medicine. There’s also the serum allergy test that’s performed alongside the IDT to get a more comprehensive and extended profile of the offending allergens. The goal of these animal dermatological tests is to create a mixture of different allergens that will be given as sublingual or injections to reduce the allergic response.

Animal Video-Otoscopic Exam

Davis Animal Hospital has a state-of-the-art video otoscope that offers unparalleled precision and accuracy when it comes to Basic Animal Dermatology examinations. The video otoscope consists of a tiny camera that allows easy access and high-quality visualization in the ear canal. Using this device, the doctor gets a real-time visual examination of the ear canal through a video monitor. Evaluations include checking on the integrity and nature of the tympanum, presence of tumors, debris and the inflammation or thickening of the disease.

Deep Ear Flushing

This procedure is used in removing debris, wax, and biofilms formed as a result of ear infections. In most cases, the eardrum can’t be examined until a deep ear flush has been conducted. Performing a deep ear flush alongside a video-otoscope is the best way of getting the correct prognosis and treatment of the ear.  

Davis Animal Hospital dermatologists are board-certified and have undergone extensive and advanced training on dermatological pet health issues, so you’re guaranteed of receiving the correct diagnosis. The clinicians work hard to offer the best care and exemplary services for your pet companion. When you take care of your pet through regular Basic Animal Dermatology checkups and treatment, it only improves the human-animal connection.

Davis Animal Hospital for Your Pets Basic Dermatological Needs:

The largest organ on your pets’ body, the skin, acts as a barrier between your animal’s environment and your animal. The functions that the skin serves for your pet consists of immune protection, sensory perception, vitamin D production, and thermoregulation. Most veterinarian’s see more dermatologic problems in pets than you can imagine. At Davis Animal Hospital, our veterinarians are knowledgeable in the physiology of the skin of animals and are well aware of the common dermatologic disorders that affect most cats and dogs.

Skin that is red, dry, flaky or oozing may be signs of other problems that need to be addressed with a visit.  After a thorough evaluation and diagnostics, the doctor will determine if your pet’s problems are due to parasites, fungal, bacterial infection or allergies and treat appropriately. Our goal is to find the underlying cause and bring your beloved animal relief as soon as possible.