Animal Wellness Testing In Pensacola: What To Expect

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 At Davis Animal Hospital, your pet's health is our main concern. We offer many services to ensure that your pet is as healthy and as happy as possible, including routine examinations, microchipping, vaccinations, basic behavior training, dentistry, PRP and stem cell therapy, and more. One of our recommended services for all pets is animal wellness testing. There are many benefits to this preventative measure and is a good idea for dogs and cats. To learn more about this type of animal testing and why you should consider it, read the following article. 

We believe that animal wellness testing is a smart choice for your pets each year. With this recommended testing, we are able to evaluate your pet's overall health. We always hope that results come back normal and when they do, it can provide peace of mind that your pet is healthy. Plus with this information, we are provided with a reference range for future exams and lab work. This information allows us to determine if your pet's values are changing and if there is anything we need to explore further. 

Animal wellness testing also allows us to discover any possible health issues. Even if your cat or dog appears physically healthy, our wellness testing can alert us to any underlying health concerns. While we hope we never find anything on the reports, finding possible issues early is important. The earlier we find and address possible issues, the better we can address them. Early intervention means that your pet can live a longer and healthier life with early interventions. 

Along with animal wellness testing, we also recommend regular wellness exams. When our vets are able to examine your pets regularly, they are able to determine their overall health and address any concerns you may have. Also, it gives you the opportunity to ask questions that you have so you have the most comprehensive information when it comes to taking the best possible care of your pet. 

Should you decide that you are interested in animal wellness testing for your furry friend, you can contact us to set up your appointment for your wellness testing and regular exam. Even healthy cats and dogs can benefit from regular wellness testing and exams as this will allow us to gauge your pet's overall health and uncover any potential health problems. With early intervention and regular exams, together we can help your pet live a healthy and happy life.

Davis Animal Hospital Recommends Your Pet Has Wellness Testing

Wellness testing is recommended every year to help us evaluate the overall health of your pet and discover any health concerns early. While it may seem silly to do testing on a dog or cat that is healthy it is anything but. While we are anticipating results to come back normal this is not always the case. Often times we are alerted to underlying health issues that were not yet showing a physical sign. These issues can be quickly addressed and allow our patients to live longer and healthier lives. When results do come back normal we are given peace of mind and a reference range to compare to for future lab work. This helps us to determine if any values may be changing slowly over time or need to be looked into further