The Top 5 Tips for new Puppy and Kitten Parents

Congratulations on your new family addition to the Pensacola area!

If you are like most pet parents, the biggest question is, "what now?"

Yes, they're super cute and fun to play with, but what about their health?

We are here to guide you!

Here are our top 5 tips:

  1. Don't feed people food! Your pet will never need to experience something that can cause them harm, (such as cheese; see info here), thus they won't know what they're "missing out on." Feed a high-quality puppy or kitten food such as Hill's Healthy Advantage, (a veterinary exclusive.)

  2. Keep them isolated! This means, keep your pet in your home and your yard. Equate it to taking a newborn infant to the mall. These little guys aren't fully vaccinated yet and can catch deadly diseases such as parvovirus and panleukopenia.

  3. "Baby-proof" your house! These little ones can find and chew on things that you would never know about! Here is a good list of common household hazards as well as some other info on toxins. Both cats and dogs have different needs to keep them safe in their new environment.

  4. Housebreaking takes time! Have patience...your little one is starting in a new environment and needs consistent training and praise to make housebreaking "click" with them. Sometimes a local, reputable trainer is ideal for stubborn behaviors.

  5. Get your pet in to see us! Veterinary care in Pensacola is essential to maintaining the health of your pet! Dr. Michael Ruby & Dr. Ashley Virgilio can get them started on flea and parasite protection as well as good nutrition and vaccinations.

Cara & "Rousey"

Cara & "Rousey"

We have a TON of good tips and advice here at Davis Animal Hospital!  Give us a call at 850-479-9484 or schedule an appointment with us today to get your new friend on the right track to a long and healthy life!

~Your Friends at Davis Animal Hospital