5 Tips to Help your Dog LOVE the Vet!

The hardest thing to see is your furbaby scared.  You want to comfort him and make him know that it is going to be ok!  Wouldn't it be wonderful if your pet could understand what we are doing?  Maybe we can help a little.

Step 1:  Give our office a call and ask when it is a good, quiet time to bring your dog by for "Happy Visits."  These quick little trips are where the receptionists and staff come out and greet your pet in a non-threatening way and give him lots of treats and pettings.  

Come by once to twice a week for a couple of weeks.  

Step 2:  The Lobby - The lobby can be very scary with so many new smells, other dogs, cats, and people.  For a dog who is not used to going everywhere, it can be quite overwhelming!  Start by just going into the lobby, walking around, letting him sniff, and offer treats whenever he displays a calm demeanor.

Step 3:  Weight - The scale is one of the scariest things for pets, (and humans!), and we know that every time they come in, they have to get weighed...so why not make it an enjoyable experience?  Have your pet come in and take a seat or stand on the scale.  When they succeed, offer them a treat!  Good job!

Step 4:  Exam Rooms - Oh no!  Here is one of the scariest parts!  A small room with lots of scary sounds outside the doors and strange smells.  Not only that, but the technicians have to restrain your dog so that no one, including your dog, gets hurt.  

Let your dog visit the exam room with a technician.  Have them give your dog treats when they seem calm and are showing signs of relaxing.

Step 5:  ALWAYS LEAVE ON A GOOD NOTE!  It's so important that any time you come by that you leave when the dog is acting happy or relaxed.  It may take a few visits, but you will be surprised how much better your dog will act when it's time to come for an exam!

If your dog is completely afraid to even step in the door, maybe start slow in the parking lot by offering treats in your car, and moving forward from there.

Give us a call if you need some tips!  We will be happy to help.

~Elishia B.

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