Hurricane Irma - Are your pets ready?

5 Tips to Be Prepared


As Hurricane Irma strengthens to a category 5, Pensacola, and the rest of the Florida Panhandle, wonder which route this devastating storm will head.

Here are 5 tips to help you be more prepared if you need to evacuate with your pet.

Tip #1

Call ahead to hotels and shelters in the area you are interested in evacuating to.  See if they are pet friendly, what they require your pet to be housed in, and what vaccines are required.

Tip #2

Schedule an appointment with your veterinarian to update any vaccines, refill medications, and get food in case your clinic is closed or you cannot make it to the area for a while. 

Tip #3

Get your pet's medical history digitally downloaded in a place you can access it easily.  If your pet is injured or sick along the evacuation route, the veterinarians you see will be able to do a better job by having your pet's history readily available.

Tip #4

Make sure your pet's identification is up to date and make sure your pet wears a collar when evacuating.  Get your pet microchipped as well to help in case your pet's collar comes off.

Tip #5

Stay calm!  Being prepared helps with this.  Your pet will, "feed," on your anxiety and may make the travel worse for everyone involved.  If you already know your pet has anxiety, your veterinarian may have medication that can help with the travel.

If you cannot evacuate with your pet, the next best option would be to board your pet in a safe facility.  Our boarding facility has a life-saving sprinkler system, smoke exhaust system, secure exercises yards, sturdy structure, as well as other amenities that your pet will enjoy.  Please visit our Hotel page for more information.

We wish all of you well and hope you stay safe!

Here are some additional tips from FEMA:

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