Take a tour!

Lobby - Comfortable seating. Hill's Science Diet Food.  Treats, toys, maintenance products, flea and heartworm preventatives.  Coffee bar and snacks.  T-shirts, mugs, magnets, and more!

Exam Rooms - Safe and comfortable.  Your pet will appreciate our gentle care.

Lab - We have the capabilities of running most of our testing in-house for emergency situations.  We also have access to a lab outside of our office.

Treatment - This larger area is where we perform a lot of our sample collection and treat your pet with medications..  It is also a prep-area and can handle larger patients when needed.  Most of our patients feel calmer when they are not in the presence of their owners.

Surgery - Clean environment with monitoring equipment.  There is no fear of your pet being out on the treatment floor during surgical procedures.

Radiology - X-rays are taken here digitally and can be emailed to a reference laboratory if needed.

November 2016 Open House Tour