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1. How often do you walk dogs?

2. Can I book online?

Yes!  We encourage you to book through our online booking tool.  We will get back with you to confirm your request within 24 hours.

3. Can I have someone else pick up my pet?

4. What paperwork do I need to fill out?

For your first visit, we ask that you fill out a New Client Form, a Yearly Boarding Form, and the Limited Power of Attorney.  When you come in, you will be asked to sign these forms and go over a Check-in Form.  After these forms are filled out for the year, you will only need to go over the Check-in Form at each visit until the following calendar year.

5. How often do you change litter boxes?

6. Do your rooms have an outside access door?

7. Are your rooms climate controlled?

8. What is a swivel feeding system?

9. Can you just feed your food?

10. What time do I check in my pet?

11. What time do I check out my pet?

12. I am a police officer/firefighter/EMT/Military personnel.

13. I am deploying for several months, do you offer any discounts?

14. I don’t need to leave on my trip until tomorrow morning, do I have to bring my pet in tonight?

15. My pet needs to stay with you a month.

16. Are there any benefits for staying longer than a week?

17. Can I see where my pet will stay?

18. My pet has a special bed/bowl/etc that they need. Can I leave it with you?

19. Why can’t I bring my pet’s antler/bone/rawhide?

20. Can I bring my pet’s favorite toy?

21. I’m worried my pet will miss me, can I leave something of mine?

22. Do you need my pet’s leash/harness/carrier?

23. Do I need to bring my pet’s bowls?

24. Can I check on my pet while I’m away?

25. My cat loves her sibling and cannot be apart from them. Can you accommodate multiple cats staying together?

26. What is a Feliway Diffuser?

27. What is an Adaptil Collar?

28. What is a Thundershirt?

29. My dog is extremely nervous in large spaces. Is there anything we can do to make their stay more enjoyable?

30. My cat is very nervous. Is there anything you can do?

31. Can I check my pet out for an outing while they are boarding with you?

32. My pet needs to see the veterinarian while they are here.

33. I give my pet their vaccines, do these qualify?

34. I do not believe in vaccinating my pet, can they stay?

35. My pet is too young to get the vaccines required, can they stay?

36. My pet is on medication. Is there an extra charge?

37. My pet is on a special diet, can I bring my pet’s food?

38. What if there is a fire?

39. Is your building hurricane-proof?

40. Will my pets be safe there if I have to evacuate during a hurricane?

41. Do you have group play?

42. My dog is a digger/fence climber.

43. I am going to be on a cruise and cannot be reached by phone. Can you contact me through email?

44. Do you accept Care Credit?

45. I lost my room key and can’t remember the passwords or my pet’s room number.

46. I can’t get the videos to work!

If you have tried the tips listed on the Suites page, please give us a call at 850-479-9484 and we will look into the issue promptly.

47. What is a Zoom-ba Class?

48. What is a Purr-obics Class?

49. What is a Pawdicure?

50. What are Soft Claws?

51. What is dremmeling?

52. What are Frosty Paws?

53. I live 22 minutes away from you but am interested in the shuttle service. How much do you charge?

54. What happens if my pet is in a car accident while being transported?

55. This is the first time I am bringing my pet in for a haircut.

56. My pet’s fur is matted. Can you just brush it out?

57. My pet has to have a special shampoo/medicated shampoo.

58. Is your shampoo soap-free?

59. My pet just had a bath before coming in, can I accrue the credit for next time?

60. I am allergic/sensitive to certain perfumes and body sprays.

My dogs fight over food, can you feed them separately?

62. My pet chews up bedding, toys, and blankets. Can they still board?

63. I have a breed of dog listed as “dangerous.” Can they still board?