In-House Diagnostic Laboratory

 Our in-house lab permits rapid in-house evaluation of many critical blood values when timing may be crucial or for the convenience of rapid results.


This integrated in-house vet lab diagnostics system combines results from the separate in-house lab machines into a single report. This vet lab station also shows your pet's results from that day as well as previous testing that we have done on your pet. This allows us to compare results and watch for trending that may be occurring, (for example – a kidney value slowly increasing over the years may alert us to early renal disease). This vet lab machine imports patient info from avimark, our practice management software, to help ensure accuracy and also exports results back to avimark to aid in accurate record keeping. The Idexx vet lab station also has another great feature in that it is able to connect to our reference lab (the blood that we send out of the hospital) and is able to correlate in-house and send-out dat in an easy to read timeline. This allows us to safely store a lifetime of your pet's bloodwork for easy viewing and keeps all of their information together should we need to consult with a specialist at the Idexx reference laboratory.


In-house CBC Machine This sophisticated blood machine performs a complete blood cell count in just a few minutes. This allows us to evaluate red blood cells, including absolute reticulocyte count, offers a full 5 part white blood cell differential and platelet count. This machine has the capability to read not just whole blood but also other body fluids (such as abdominal fluid).


This wonderful diagnostic tool permits rapid “bedside” evaluation of standard basic blood chemistries/systems such as hepatic and renal values (live and kidney), protein levels, amylase/lipase, calcium/phosphorus as well as electrolytes. We often use this machine to test a patient the morning of surgery prior to performing anesthesia or if a patient is ill in the hospital. This machine can run multiple patient samples simultaneously to aid in rapidity of results.


This test utilizes only 3 drops of blood and takes a mere 10 minutes for immediate knowledge of current heartworm testing results in cases where a patient is ill or may wish to being taking a certain heartworm medication that day.


This test checks a cat for Feline Leukemia as well as the Feline Immunodeficiency Virus. This test also utilizes only 3 drops of blood and a short 10 minutes for rapid results of your cats’ status for immediate need in case of illness or to confirm negative status before bringing home a new addition to your feline family. This test is also done prior to start the Leukemia series.


This test checks a symptomatic puppy for Parvovirus. This test uses only a few drops of fecal material and a short 10 minutes for rapid results for immediate need to confirm positive status and start supportive treatment.