Reasons to Use Pet Boarding In Pensacola

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Are you and your family considering going on vacation, but you do not know what you should do for your pet? You could get a neighbor to watch them for you, but your neighbor might not give your pet the love you would. You do not want to trust just any “pet sitter” with your family’s furry friend, either. But, there is still another option: boarding your pet; it has so many benefits, and you will know your pet is being taken care of well.

Think about the many benefits their is to boarding your pet.

1. There is a Knowledgeable and Certified Staff

You do not want to trust your animal with just anyone. But, when you go to an American Boarding Kennels Association (ABKA) certified kennel, you can guarantee that your pet will be in good, reliable hands. The ABKA has over 1,600 kennels throughout the United States and Canada, meaning you can find one near you easily. They want your pet to be well taken care of as much as you do and, because of that, it is important that you choose an ABKA accredited boarding facility.

2. Animal Safety is a Number One Priority

If you have a cat and are worried to board your cat because of other animals, like dogs, being boarded at that facility then you can rest assured that your feline friend will be in safe hands. The workers will keep the cats and dogs separate, and ensure that the cats are not getting loose and wandering the streets. You can also be assured that, unlike a friend or neighbor who will not be around constantly, the staff at the boarding facility will be watching your cat’s health carefully to be sure that they are getting the appropriate nutrients and are not getting sick.  

3. Boarding Facilities Have On-Call Vets

Should there be a reason that your pet needs medical care; there will not be any rushing to get them seen. This is because the boarding facility has a veterinarian on call, who can come in if needed. But, if you want to take advantage of the boarding time, you can also request your animal to get checkups, vaccines, and even teeth cleanings. If your pet is not spayed or neutered, there are some boarding facilities that will even offer those services, should they be desired during Pet Boarding. 

4. Multiple Pets Make No Difference

When you own multiple pets, Pet Boarding facilities become an even better option. This is because of the fact that they are so well equipped; they can easily handle more than one animal from a single person. It is more reliable to leave them with a boarding facility than a neighbor or pet sitter, who may lose track of how many animals are in the house. You worry less, and your baby gets to get the right amount of attention and care.

5. Love and Attention

Your kids might cry a little when it is time to say goodbye to their pet, but you can reassure them that their pet will be very happy at a pet boarding facility. They will be safe and warm, inside with plenty of toys to play with and snacks to eat. But, they will also be getting plenty of love; which may also be a concern you have. However, there is no reason to worry, as the staff will gladly show your pet the love and attention they deserve during the duration of their stay.

6. Pet Boarding is Comfortable

There is no need to conjure up pictures of dark, dank cages with sad pets in them because that is not at all what you will find. These pet boarding facilities are designed to be comfortable for the pets, who may be unused to being away from home for a period of time. Some facilities provide bedding, but others request that you bring your own, which will allow your pet to have a little piece of home. Either way, rest assured: your animal will be comfortable. 

7. Pet Boarding Provides Multiple Services

When you take your pet to a boarding facility, expect to find a list of services that may be provided, or ask the staff. These services will include things such as grooming, bathing, and nail clippings. Some may even offer services that give your pet extra one-on-one time with a staff member, to really be sure they are getting as much attention as you think they need.

Have you been convinced about the benefits of leaving your pet at a boarding facility? When compared to the other options you may have, it really comes out on top. You will know, for a fact, that the staff will not only love your animal but also have experience with them as well. Which is something you cannot guarantee with your neighbor or the kid down the street. Contact Davis Animal Hospital for all your pet boarding needs.