Choosing A Pet Grooming Spa And Salon In Pensacola

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 Your pet means a lot to you, which is why it is important to ensure that all pets are well-groomed. Pets that are well-groomed and have a relaxing day at the spa are anxiety-free. Choosing a good pet grooming spa and salon around your area is not difficult if you live in the Pensacola, Fl area.  

If you are a resident of Pensacola, Fl and are looking for a grooming spa and salon spot for your pet then you can choose Davis Animal Hospital. We offer pet grooming services. Your pet will be in safe hands if you choose our grooming spa and salon services because of our team of professionals. We are animal lovers and will ensure that your pet is cared for very well.

Davis Animal Hospital has pet grooming spa and salon services for all types of pets. We will take care of your beloved animal in a very caring way. We know that you might be anxious about your pets being handled by someone other than you which is why we have expert groomers with the know-how to handle your pet during their spa day. Davis Animal Hospital knows that you want your pet to look great and our groomers will make sure to get you the look you desire for your pet. We will ensure that your pet is washed, groomed, and styled properly.

In addition to having the experience, all our groomers are licensed and trained. They have worked with animals for a long time and they have the skills to ensure that your pet is in the best care. Our pet grooming will also include services like teeth brushing and nail clipping. Our professional groomers know the best way to groom your pets without making them uncomfortable.

Our prices for grooming services are competitive with other grooming spa and salons. We give all our customers reasonable prices and great service.

Davis Animal Hospital promises that your pet grooming will be done in the most professional manner. We also have emergency services if something happens to arise during your pet's grooming. You can call us today to schedule your grooming spa and salon appointment for your beloved pet.

Davis Animal Hospital Grooming Spa and Salon:

We are able to give an approximate cost for grooming over the phone based on weight and coat type but would like to meet with you for a few minutes before your pets first grooming to discuss the exact cut and style you would like. The cost may be higher or lower depending on the condition of the coat and matting.


·       Pedicure

·       Ear Cleaning

·       Anal Gland Expression

·       Two Shampoo Sessions

·       Cream Rinse

·       Coat Conditioner

·       Blow Dry

·       Style (Per Request)

·       Bows/Bandanas/Nail Polish/Other (Per Request)

·       Dremel nails (Per Request)

·       Soft Paw application (Per Request)

To set up a consultation time, call 850-479-9484 or click HERE for an online request. (add link from their site)