Pet Laser Therapy In Pensacola At Davis Animal Hospital

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 Laser therapy is considered a holistic form of treatment and is increasingly gaining popularity among pet owners. It is drug-free and non-invasive, this explains why most horse, cat, dog and even turtle owners turn to it as an alternative method of treatment. Pet Laser therapy is a versatile and fast-acting procedure offered at Davis Animal Hospital to animals experiencing pain and discomfort.

At Davis Animal Hospital, clients enjoy the luxury of seeing their beloved pets’ pain and agony alleviated in a matter of minutes using pet laser treatment. It is quite a simple process, but it requires a trained technician and a doctor’s prescription.

Pet laser therapy involves focusing laser beams on the troubled area for more centralized treatment. When the pets are exposed to these emissions, they usually experience a warm, soothing sensation similar to that of a massage which usually relaxes them. When photons from the emissions enter the tissues, they are absorbed into the mitochondria and transformed into a form of energy known as ATP. This energy is later used by the cells for healing purposes. Blood flow, cell-growth, and nerve endings are stimulated when the photons from the beam of light penetrate the tissue. Quick wound recovery is enhanced by the activation of tissues, cells and nerve fibers. The laser energy desensitizes local pain receptors, lessening the feeling of pain. When an adequate dose of light energy reaches the desired tissue and results in decreased pain, accelerated healing and decreased inflammation, then the goal of photobiomodulation therapy is achieved.

Davis Animal Hospital uses this procedure to treat various conditions that cause pain and inflammation in pets. Pet laser therapy can be utilized to remedy chronic and acute conditions which include: dental procedures, degenerative joint diseases, fractures, wounds, lick granuloma, inflammatory bowel diseases, inflammation, osteoarthritis, sprains, strains, and infections. This procedure can also be used to deal with tumors in pets. 

During these procedures, the pets are provided with protective eyewear. This is just a precautionary measure since lasers work in a field of light outside of the typical animal ocular spectrum.

The time requirements for a session are usually 5 to 10 minutes of localized treatment per joint or site. Treatment usually involves one session a week for one month and then a couple every few weeks. This is often enough to get your companion back in tip-top shape. At Davis Animal Hospital, a veterinarian makes an individualized plan for your pet. A session usually costs about 50 to 100 dollars, and you can even arrange for a pet insurance company to cover for the treatment.

If you are seeking quick pain relief for your animal, then seek no more. Soothing laser treatment is the way to go. Visit Davis Animal Hospital and watch your cherished pet get relieved of all pain quickly and efficiently using pet laser treatment services. Currently, there are no known side-effects associated with this kind of treatment, so why not deviate from the conventional methods and try a more holistic approach?