Pet Radiographs “X-Rays” In Pensacola

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 Davis Animal Hospital has an advanced digital radiograph system. This machine allows us to quickly take a radiograph of your pet and view the image in only a few seconds. This is better for your pet in that radiographs can be taken quickly, without the waiting time for developing the film. The radiographic image itself may be enhanced and manipulated on the screen allowing the veterinarian to detect things that may not have been evident on a traditional film. The ability to store all of our radiographs on a digital storage system allows us to view the images on multiple locations throughout the hospital or e-mail the images to other veterinarians or specialists if needed.

Getting To The Root Of The Problem With Pet Radiographs “X-Rays”

There are times when the veterinarian may want to get a closer look at your furry friend to collect information pertaining to its health. The data collected is crucial in coming up with a surgical or medical plan or the best possible care to be administered. So when your pet gets injured or sick, don’t hesitate to visit Davis Animal Hospital for Pet Radiographs “X-Rays” to find out the exact cause of the ailment. However, depending on some procedures, sedation or anesthesia may be necessary to reduce your companion's anxiety for adequate images to be taken.


Also referred to as radiographs, X-rays are a form of medical diagnostic imaging. It's commonly used by veterinarians to definitively and accurately diagnose the skeletal structure composition, body cavities and signs of intestinal obstruction or foreign objects. X-rays can be used to backup and confirm the commencement of a treatment plan for your furry friend. X-rays are pretty much straightforward and involve placing your pet on the x-ray table where they are exposed to x-ray beams targeting areas of interest. They take static pictures as the beams pass through your pet’s body. X-rays diagnose things like bone fractures, pneumonia, and arthritis. Radiation from Pet Radiographs “X-Rays” is minimal and harmless; the protective gear worn by operators is just a precaution. The procedure is painless with most animal companions benefiting from sedation to reduce their stress and anxiety.

CT Scans

Davis Animal Hospital conducts computed tomography (CT), popularly referred to as ‘cat scans’ which is a special form of computer-enhanced x-ray procedure where a series of x-ray slices of your animal companion is obtained. CT scans are used for evaluating complex body parts like the chest, internal organs, some joints, and the head. CT scans offer advanced imaging that provides clear, detailed images and shows various levels of tissue density as compared to x-rays. CT scans are used for detecting structural changes deep within your pet’s body.       

Pet Radiographs “X-Rays” are conducted when the veterinarian believes there's an underlying problem that can’t be diagnosed through basic blood tests or physical exams. Davis Animal Hospital has an advanced digital pet radiograph machine that's completely non-invasive, painless and only takes a few seconds to produce the image. They provide compassionate and comprehensive veterinary imaging care to ensure your furry friend is and remains in good health. To schedule or book an appointment with Davis Animal Hospital, call 850-479-9484 for an immediate response.