Preventative Health Care For Your Pet In Pensacola

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Annual examinations are the best way for us to determine the overall health of a patient and help to detect problems in an early stage before serious illness or complications occur. Early detection and preventive medicine saves lives and can save owners the expense of dealing with problems that have been allowed to progress into more complicated stages. Our caring veterinarians are here for you.

During an annual exam the veterinarian will review vaccination status, diet and parasite control. A thorough physical exam will follow, looking at dental health, eyes, ears, coat, skin and body condition. The heart and lungs are auscultated for abnormalities such as heart murmurs, arrhythmias, atypical breath sounds or other issues. The veterinarian will palpate the abdomen feeling for any changes in abdominal organs (such as kidneys, liver, bladder, spleen, intestinal tract) or other abnormal findings such as free fluid or masses. The veterinarian will also evaluate the urogenital tract and lymph nodes and look for any changes in the musculoskeletal or nervous systems. Specific bloodwork and other diagnostic tests are done based upon the animals age and health condition.

Pet Services For Preventative Health Care

Pets often get sick and the pet owner may not know that they are sick until it is too late. A good way to prevent this is by having pet preventative health care.

If you are around the Pensacola area and are looking for preventative health care for your pet that will get your pet the care they need, choose Davis Animal Hospital. We are experts in pet health and can guarantee you that we will take the best care of the pet. You can bring the pet to our hospital to get the preventative health care that your pet may need to ensure they stay as healthy as they possibly can.

Most pets are vulnerable to infections since they might wander away from the home and get injuries or eat something that may affect their health. Pet preventative health care includes blood check-up to ensure that they are not sick or that they do not have any issues with their digestive systems. The blood work helps to determine which vaccines the pet already has so that the right vaccines can be administered.

Our vets are licensed and they have the knowledge required to take care of your pets' health. When you choose our hospital for preventative health care for your pet, you know that you are choosing the best. Your pet will be sure to get proper treatment. If you wish to know what is involved in the pet preventative care plan then you can call us. We have experts that will explain any details that are not clear.

Your pet's health is important. Trust us here at Davis Animal Hospital to keep your beloved pet in great health at all times. Call us today to book an appointment for your pet.