Surgery For Your Pet In Pensacola- Davis Animal Hospital

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Our veterinarians continually review the most up to date surgical practices and attend continuing education programs to ensure that we are employing the most current surgical protocols and safety measures. A staff member monitors your pet during surgery charting their heart rate, oxygen saturation levels, respiration rate, and anesthesia level. We make sure that they are kept at a comfortable temperature with heat support as needed throughout surgery and recovery.

We offer electrosurgery, by using radio frequency (RF) alternate current, per the doctor's discretion for some procedures at no additional cost. This is a big benefit to our patients and offers superior advantages to traditional or laser surgery. There is no risk of accidentally burning other areas of tissue through reflection or penetration of a light beam, as with a laser. Electrosurgery provides a tactile incision requiring minimal pressure, which allows the veterinary surgeon to sense what he is cutting. Radiofrequency energy is also low temperature, minimizing the occurrence of tissue necrosis and burning.

Electrosurgery causes minimal tissue damage and therefore decreases post-operative pain. The low temperature of the RF also leads to less tissue destruction and decreased post-surgical edema. This procedure vaporizes bacteria, preventing infectious agents from being seeded along the length of the incision and reduces the risk of infection. There are minimal safety precautions with electrosurgery deeming it safer to use then electrocautery or laser. With less tissue destruction, healing is hastened and patients recover quicker.

After the procedure, a discharge time will be appointed to go over medications and instructions. We will answer any questions that you may have about postoperative pain management and will be available through every step of the recovery.

We know that animal surgery can sometimes be a cause of stress and worry. You may have questions about the safety of anesthesia or worry about how your pet will be cared for. Let us address your questions and concerns and put your mind at ease. Whether the procedure is routine or more complex, give us a call and let us discuss how our services may benefit your pet. Remember we have a licensed vet on staff to answer any questions you may have.

Choosing A Pensacola Service For Animal Surgery

Pets may at times need surgery to relieve them of pain if they are injured. If your pet needs animal surgery, you need to look for a clinic that will do the job responsibly and professionally.

Our hospital in Florida gives these services to pet owners. We at Davis Animal Hospital will always ensure that the health of your pet comes first. We have the equipment needed to perform animal surgery. The team is all licensed vets who value the life of your pets. They also have the experience that enables them to take great care of your pet.

Our hospital can guarantee all the pet owners that are thinking of getting our animal surgery services that their pets will be in great hands. After the surgery, the pet will have the necessary care to ensure that it does not become traumatized. 

We have experts that will give you advice on what to do when your pet has had surgery. They will give you the tips to take care of your pet so that it can have a comfortable time while recovering.